I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Deep Water Soloing on Malta and more bolts news, by Stevie Haston

Jeff on King of Kings.

Deep water soloing or sea soloing is a big thing in the Maltese summer and summer in Malta is a long affair. Jeff Camilleri one of my friends on the islands is responsible for a huge amount of development and says that there have been a few great additions of late. So just as a reminder there is great stuff over three islands with an un-ending amount of rock.

Jeff trying the wicked crux of Dinosaur balls V9.

The greatest development of good solos is still probably at Har Hassan which is one of the most accessible cliffs from the capitol.
New routes are Silence must be heard 7a, TNT for the brain7c, Return to Innocence7b, at the Inigma sector. 
Jeff will help anyone with a bit of beta and has a contact at 

Charlie the owner of Wallrats, a  retail shop, has kindly offered to help me out with some bolts. Check him out if you need to buy gear.