I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Injury, inspiration, infinity, by Stevie Haston

I am injured, more than usual, but I train. I fell off going for it on a project and took a twisting fall, hurt my back. Couldn't really do much for a few days, today 1000 pull ups. It is not as Nietzsche said, 'what does not kill you makes you stronger', rather 'don't do nuffing when you can do sumfing. Nietzsche was institutionalized and was a drippy writer of melodramatic nonsence, I on the other hand....

Back aint right for sure, but it has actually got better as I trained the erectors are loosening up and de-contracting, they were tight to protect my spine.

New cat, the reincarnation of Zulu...chumming me in the 'Chamber', I have decided to call it the chamber as in experiments and torture and dissection are happening here, rather than calling it the Temple where people just pray for improvement.

Frankenjura, Frankenstein, Frankly I don't give a damn... 

Cat leapt for me, not impressed with the flash..  

Inspiring stuff has happened in the last month, Enzo is doing well, the Wold Cup is producing some very good stuff, climbers are contacting me giving me inspiration hope and guidance. My strength is going up just as it should, 'you train you gain', 23° at 7am means it really hot but people are still taking down 9a in Gorge de Loup, wow ......