I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Why do you climb? By Stevie ? Haston

Everest mother of all mountains looking groovy, because you can't see all the people!

The British climber George Mallory was asked, 'Why do you climb', and he famously replied 'Because its there'. Information has just reached me thru the celestial internet, that what he actually said was, 'to get away from the Cnuts'. 
Cavers cave 'because its not there'. I climb because, 'theres nothing else'. 

Everest or Chomolungma, with its prayer flag praying in the wind, flapping against the vapid egos of human ants.  

Every year or so I give up climbing and do something else, sometimes its running and sometimes its snowboarding sometimes its caving, and weirdly sometimes its climbing! Thats right I give up climbing, and go climbing!
When I had money, I would disappear into the desert of the Four Corners of America or go running in the Himalayas, today I feel like disappearing into deepest France, the new great cliffs that have blossomed like magic mushrooms. Overhangs are always there........