I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Being grateful, by Stevie Haston

I have had a bad week, but I did the "welcome the sun salutation" with the grand kids, and other stuff like caving and pull ups, their joy was my joy. The man above is the Yogi Bhajan, he is dead but he speaks to me thru his work. It is the Yogi's birthday tomorrow and many of my wife's friends around the world will all be celebrating this man's work and life, I will be too and I want my friends and family to celebrate goodness and correctness and peace in their way too. I had many lovely messages this week from people around the world which has helped me with the usual nonsense of most human existence. Have some good vibes back, tomorrow I will wake up before the sun and walk up the mountain, when I get to the summit I will have a look all around and be at peace, and I will be grateful.