I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Sobibor, a hard blog. Stevie soft Haston.

As a new member of my country I decided to take part in cultural events. It wasnt to be that pleasant. There was an airing of a film about the death camp Sobibor, the Russian Culture guy came over, and a professional pianist and violinist did a little warm up so to speak. The film was so hard that I wish we had a tumbler full of vodka.

For those of you who dont know the Sobibor story, I'll just give it to you short hand, Sobibor was the only death camp where a successful rebellion took place. This very good film is a much watch, the one I watched was in russian and German 
, with english subtitles. If you prefer softer films, because you'r well, a bit soft, there are other options, but not about Sobibor.

250,000 were killed at Sobibor, in comparison the British armed forces in the Second World War lost 380,000 soldiers.

The Cultural minister said at the end of his little preamble that there was a rise in Nazism in Europe, this is an obvious statement, but he was polite enough not to point his finger at America as well, or mention Israel.

Some books about this horror story.
My little village hall was full of people who I think thought they were going to see sleds sliding through the winter snow around St Petersburg. Personally I know that I am a very spoilt sportsmen, who although have known a bit of hunger (self inflicted) and lots of danger, I was aghast at watching this reminder that humans are mad and cruel in the extreme. As a young boy a Jewish auntie showed me photos of victims in concentration death camps, and there was a family argument about them. I am not saying little kids should see this stuff, but we all need to wake up a bit.