I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

I am not a number, by Stevie free man Haston.

This will be a short long read, for some.
You are not a number, you are your own. Wise people might say "yes" but the reality is you become a number, you are the product, you are the battery in the Matrix, you are most definatly the person who was and is complicit in voting Trump in! Really you say, I thought I was free. The only time we are really free, is when we threaten to tear up our masters  ownership papers on you my friend, and me. The only time we are free, is when we climb, but watch that petrol in your car-it's theirs. The Co2 is yours of course, our world is dying, and fast.

 Climb and be free, climb now, and work later, watch what you buy however, because some of it is a bit un necessary. Make some good choices, hell, make some bad choices, so long as they are yours, don't do what the government and the media, and sportsmen tell ya. 

This is me somewhere where fishing is banned, so guess what guys, there's fish there! 

 I read a scientific report that the sea is warming up at a greater rate than previously thought today. The sea is acting like a sponge and dumping heat into itself. I have been saying this for a few years now, but nobody listens to me, because obviously I am no paid scientist, I don't count. Despite recording a temp of 30° C in the sea this year and last year.
 But they listen to guys in the Guardian the New York Times, the Malta Times etc. A journalist called Monibot in the Guardian, who I am ambivalent about threw down a heavy bit of shit on David Attenboughers shoulders today. It's worth reading, it goes a bit like this, Sir David has been painting far too rosy a picture of the planets health. Yes he has, he has earned his entire money from portraying how lovely our planet is. Our Planet is actually a great big garbage heap!

 For  Katy, a Kirsty, and Laurence...and Alex and Ruth..

 This is rubbish we helped pick out of a small bay real small, theres two dives each year and some divers bring out other stuff. There is always more garbage, local builders, tourists, and fishermen dump stuff into this bay! Cow shit floods down into this bay and then it is shut for swiming for a few days till it clears, Great eh

 I may not be a number, but my ship is, tax and death you cannot escape. I have been British, I was French, and I even wanted to live in America once (still do if it was the republic of the Desert Four Corners region) anyway now, after long thought with many misgivings, and with crossed fingers, I became something else. I would love to say I became a Hobbit before the Ring appeared, but that option wasn't open to me. Ps I would love to become an Italian,  but clearly I am already italian in spirit and temperament. I forgot to mention the P word didnt I? Politics. Many people have suddenly woken up out of an almost life long slumber, and suddenly acquired questioning brains. Well done folks-but where does that leave us? To not be a number what do you do?

Walter Grivel- in another life I would have followed his trade, forged ploughs, no swords of course, just stuff to grow things, and the odd climbing fangs.

 I have retreated into climbing and yoga and the sea, but you have to surface and thats when they pounce, and gee whizz by 2030 we will hit the summit of the ridge between permanent heat increase, and death of our planet, or we survive.

 For Mandy, a fried egg jelly fish, no brain and it survived longer than us, and practically everything else, this one is very beau. 

Well here it is, I am now a Maltese citizen, sadly I do have a number, but we wont be sending soldiers to some phoney war any time soon. Yes we are the worst offenders of greenhouse emissions in Europe, yes we shoot birds, yes some of our politicians are crooked, like the hind leg of a donkey. But I repeat we wont send anybody to kill a brother, or a sister in some other land. To get our shit together I will vote here, but that wont be enough, because our system is rigged just like yours-so I will try to do more. I will support good people, I will clean my bits of sea, I will do my best, not because I love my country, I only own my skin after all,  but I will do my best because I love this Planet, and many of the people in it.