I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The War must go on forever, By Stevie Pacifist Haston.

The War is not made to be won, it's meant to go on for ever! If you haven't read 1984 you need to, if you have read it and don't understand it, get one of your children to. If one of your children can't, you shouldn't have had them. I make no apologies for being upset about the failure of our governments to act in the correct way. I make no apologies for being angry and actively getting pissed off at the stupidity of todays majority, or their total abdication of morality in favour of football, food and digital fucking.

 I love the disappearing beauty of this planet and the disappearing people who want to enjoy it.

 Exploding  a wet suit!
 A bit of bare foot climbing, makes you appreciate climbing dancing shoes, but is nice from time to time!

I have been climbing almost constantly, not diving much. But yesterday I had to fit in some climbs, and a clean up. One was for the War against passing out, t'other was against plastic and rubbish in the sea!

 You need to read not bleed.

I went climbing with a guy called Patrick, who has a slight problem with being awake! The poor climber passes out when climbing occasionally! Gripes. Anyway he wanted to do a sea cliff classic, and I said yes. We did some climbs then an abseil, then a classic climb above the sea, very exposed etc. His smile was so big it illuminated the sea arch on this otherwise dull day. Brill. Motto of the story, full concousness isn't all its cracked up to be, just ask big politicians.

 25 Divers and a few on the beech with Xlendi divers on Gozo. Another clean up was done on the North Coast with a big beech clean up and more divers!

 So a quick change in a telephone box and into diving gear for the clean up. I forgot my gloves, and it got cold on an hour long dive collecting rubbish.

We saw some barracudas, one pipe fish and a fish I didn't recognise, it looked like another red sea fish!

The war on rubbish will never be won, it's not meant to. People earn money out of  lots of bad things, Plastic is made from oil,  oil is the prime mover of armies! Plastic is oil, oil is money. Get on the right side please.