I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 30 April 2018

Teaching climbing, by Stevie the Coach Haston.

Teaching climbing isn't easy, teaching full stop I suppose is hard, but teaching climbing is a bit complicated at times to say the least. What I love and don't complain about are people who have an innate love for it and just want this nurtured in reasonable way.

 The easy way in to Titan, 5a, 4c, 5b, 6a.  I need to sort out Titan, to make it safer, more enjoyable. Its a route for tasting and savouring as it will be in the shade in the early morning when your feet will feel they are in a soupy mess if your in the sun! Plus pain will be found in the sun, it bites here on this island from now on.

 Enjoying it more because your relaxed is key, Christina.

 Getting easier eh Mandy?

 Big abseil for Christina, confidence makes it cool!The venue today was hard to decide on , a big swell was coming in and its hot, but really it had to be back here, just so we could reinforce some lessons.

 This was the sombre side, sloping pockets and a sandy texture make things a bit more adverse. But this side you see no one, like the Dark side of the Moon.

Happy girls. 
On the first route the waves were jumping higher than our heads periodically. It was so good to be there, thanks to the cliff the sea and Christina and Mandy for being such good students.