I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Cliffs below, cliffs above. By Stevie Haston.

Today was a busman's holiday for me, I went Kayaking, with the family. 

I been climbing a lot but my shoulder cuts like a knife into a nerve at the moment, so I thought I'd try for a different angle on the pain today!  

 Your supposed to listen to your instructor, so I duly didn't, and capsized! The Instructor  complimented me on my escape from a capsized Kayak, and then used me as an instructional example.

We had two instructors in a small group, very good, we were all treated superbly, but hey I know these guys, and they would do the same for anybody. Nice instructors Will and Michael.

 A crazy rock Arch, lots of caves, and some mirror like surfaces with a strange wide apart swell from time to time on the east side.

 Me and Will picked up a bit of rubbish, but there is so much because this tourist site is such a glorious honey pot. It really needs a floating dustman on a jet ski rather than part time volunteers.

 It was a fairly big day for me, run with the dogs in the early morning, then the Comino classic Kayak journey, then an hours swimming, and free diving.

 Florence from Belgium.

I swum around the east facing Santa Maria Caves, and the swell made it pretty hairy. Lots of bubbles and fizz in the water. I took some air cave canals slots at a rush before declining head room due to the swell made the odd dive compulsory! A bit too exiting. I did the subterranean arch, and Zorro cave. Zorro cave I was too scared to do from one side because I couldn't really see the entrance due to bubbles, and fizz. So I looked at it from the other side, and miscalculated the current, and incoming swell. Result was a dramatic stop half way through, where I was diving against a glass wall! Funny, obviously in retrospect. 

Lovely day as usual thanks to Gozo Adventures and Cornil.