I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 23 April 2018

Paradise regained, by Stevie content Haston.

Gozo is feeling good, Gozo is looking good, Gozo felt, how you say in your language, "garumpha mogglespiffing!" Its at its best, hunting season is over (thank all the gods), it's still green with flowers, and I saw a huge heron, flapping over me, and two big adult serious Baracudas in the water!

 Christina and Mandy today enjoying their first sea cliff climbing!

A slightly full day! Early stuff, then beat the tourists to the cliff to get the silent mood thing going. Perfect routes!

 Mandy going wow!

The Baracudas cruised by, the ladies missed the first one and I was loath to talk about it in case they thought it was a fisherman's tale, but then the second one of the pair, came along to give me some credibility! Thank you Mr Baracuda! He even took a small fish! 

 Cristina going "wow, can we swim here?"

The North coast was really fine, but I had to rush over to the south coast for a swim with Barbara. A bit different from Irish cold water, eh?

Barbara cruising.
So a nice day, tomorrow Sector Titan early before it turns into an inferno.