I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 28 April 2018

The Long good bye, by Stevie Hello Haston.

So its getting hot, too hot to trot on the rocks in the sun. Time to take to the shade. Looking at photos I took swimming the other day and looking after Barbara on her hour long swims, I saw something staring at me!

 Discover the outside by staying in ! Freedom to do nuffing is given to you all the time. Drug your self up with other peoples high adventure when its there around the corner. Anyway, you know what I'am saying, do something! I say it myself and its easy to do nuffing.

 Any one want to adopt, my country which is a little bit back to front on some things, doesn't want you to abort, but it doesn't actually give you a living wage to pay the rent, or look after a child.

 So I saw it, it has been there all the time, maybe many millions of years! The Long Good bye, thee long traverse, over 2 kilometres long. I have done bits! But putting it together will take a bit of working out!

 A section of rock on the Long Traverse.

 Hiding from the sun in an alcove 60 meters down the cliff, and 15 meters above the water, this is accessed by some climbing, the dog failed to get here, we left him on the Traverse of the Dogs, grade Dog 3.

 This section accesses Titan wall which then accesses Fossil ledges, which then is the access for the Underworld.

As Grace Jones might have said "Pull up to the Oyster Baby".

Anyway I need bolts and I need glue and I am fed up of cleaning my cliffs up, and the ocean for some of you people! If you have any spare money, please donate. If you want to contribute, hire me as a guide, I put some of my earnings into keeping it all real.