I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Grivel Gravity 35 by Stevie Haston.

Grivel Gravity 35 rucksack.
Hard wearing practical sac capacity 35 litters.

 Grivel make a super ultra light weigh 28 litters this is a good bit bigger and made of a much more robust fabric. If you want to last out a scotish winter or a few chamonix grant routes you really need a heavier fabric like this one. Me, I'll always go for light, but you know I don't buy my packs!

 More than enough padding for the kind of load you will have in it. This pack obviously carries well, much better than the bigger Grivel Rocker I reviewed recently. This is not a sport crag pack this is an all-round pack you can haul this, its not indestructible but it is robust, in normal usage it should last you a good amount of time. Chest strap and light removable waist strap. It can be sleek and very trim if you take things off. 

 Roll top fastening.
A small back pocket contains a top compression strap, it works good for holding a rope over the top of the back, and a jacket that kindda thing.

The yellow interior lining I thought a bit extra, but its utility in finding things in a black bag is marked!Note a stiffening rod, the bag angs open it doesn't totally collapse like some.

 Paces to put straps, these straps are not provided, but the sown daisy chain is a good idea, leaving it up to you where to put extra straps. Snoopy loops are good on this daisy chain for ice axes.

 The interior yellow for visibility of objects, two pockets contain two bits of foam for stiffening which help open the sac up and give it shape. A minimalist would maybe want more than these to vivi on!

So its a cool looking black rucsac. What is it good for-everything! I think it goes with the city crowd as much as the mountain crowd. Its a good size for some work stuff and a pair of shoes for the wall. It is ok on the back of a bike, a hike, or a day on the mountain.

Inside the quick see where your gear is panel, this is a doubled zip entry. theres a back pocket for money passport etc, a couple of gear loops, it's a good feature.

Weight Grivel Air Tec 28 litre 900 grs. 
Grivel Gravity 35    1100 grs.