I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 7 May 2018

Summer time climbing and the sea by Stevie Haston.

It's fully hot, the island is heaving with visitors, and I am searching for places away from people!

 It's a while since I was fit, "being really fit is relative", as I said to one of my students. What is fit? When you can climb most of a day, you are fit. When you can swim for a long hour in a slight sea, you are fit! When you can walk 12 miles to market, or a fair you are fit! Markets in the UK where within a 12 mile radius when people used to walk, they might have had to stomp home with their purchase, mind you.

 Being fit is useless without the right skills, and tools-these are boots for rock dancing!

I haven't been climbing very hard recently, hard climbing is relative as well, 8a never used to be hard in my good old days. A bad shoulder is hindering me, it aint stopping me, it aint even lessening my enjoyment! 

 Don't know what Alex is saying, I think it was something like, "you arnt getting me in, it's freezing"

 Barbara doing her yoga, yoga comes in many forms!

A certain amount* of walking is necessary for every one I think, it is great for fitness and keeps you grounded, you are literally and metaphorically grounded by this most human and necessary of human activities                                                                                                 

* I wrote amour in stead of amount earlier, slip of typing but the walkers were french people who loved the walk, a good 10 miles of sea, a little rock gorge and 450 foot high cliffs, "je adore", viva la France and every one else who loves the unspoilt out doors!