I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Titanic Barracuda By Stevie small fish Haston.

Making routes is sometimes tougher than actually climbing them,  people don't know how tough, they don't care, they just do routes, and think they magically appear. There is talk of an App to Malta climbing being done by a guy who hasn't got his hands dirty, if this happens I will be very cross, as it is cheating the guys who did all the hard work. If this guy includes Gozo where he has done zero work, I will be titanically pissed off !

 a belay for equipping!

A few years ago an App was done for Maltese climbing by some Spanish lads, I asked them not to include Gozo, and they complied with my wishes, as they had done nothing there! At the moment there are at least 200 new routes on Gozo that will get into the next guide, they can't get into an App as I am the only one who has the info. These include new routes, old routes, and recordings of Fishermens, and salvage mens routes,  probably closer to 250 routes extra. There's a lot of work been done as well as path cleaning, and maintenance, some of which was done by me, but also by Jeff and Simon from Malta. Anyway, I don't like being ripped off, OK! 

 Solly finding he has fore arms made of wood, in sector Vortex, a new sector with, 4 new stellar routes that haven't been recorded.

The new guide book should be very good especially for Gozo.

 Young Dustin, doing a few warm ups before his route!

I am still hurting from a broken thumb, and a few other minor things, and a bit too fat, but feel my old energy coming back. I soloed a new grade 6a today, it's funny, but I have been soloing 6a now for almost my whole climbing journey. It is a pleasant surprise to be soloing 6a routes at 60-I feel happy about that. 6a is 5.10 for you guys in Trump Land.

 a slightly overhanging route, I had a puke due to spinning around while jumping today, first time its happened.

My friend Solly did one of the unrecorded routes today, it was a snaking groove on lovely marble like rock, he was stoked, but it's Trad protection and even that is not very good, it's a hard lead. One day it should be a clip up, so other people can enjoy it.

 the rock is real pretty, this is a different shade, its hard to know whats going on down there, you lose touch with everything.

Two beers down the gullet, I feel happy, but tired, lots of german climbers here, no english, whats up guys?  

this will be one of the best routes on Gozo, it will feel a bit like a french route, but with that added zest.

While Solly was climbing there was a huge ball of Barracuda behind him swirling around, it was very spectacular. I wanted to get in among them, swimming in a big vortex of Barras is an incredible experience. These Barras looked very big though, first time I have seen big Barras this big Balling. It looked a bit scary. Anyway guys hope your all fit, and being good and having fun.