I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 25 May 2017

The Puzzle of life, by Stevie puzzled Haston.

 Calm weather, stormy weather, weather!

Global warming is making more storms, and now there is a President in America who says that Global warming doesn't exist! What do you do? Start by complaining.

 Classic Gozo view, a bit different since the rock arch fell down!

There are too many cars on my island, it is a small island, we have sun power we should be electric.

 A book whose title says it all.

Climbing was part of my islands life, it isn't anymore, smoking, eating, watching other people live is the modern way. We are now a catering industry for richer people to have fun!
Where is our fun?

My Jigsaw puzzle, its soooo cool.

My last little birthday present arrived, it was a jigsaw puzzle of a thousand pieces, it really is great, and I love it. It comes from China! I wish it didn't! There are so many complex things in life, it's all a puzzle.

Please vote Labour in the UK -less puzzles with Labour. In Malta where there is another election, it is a bit more complex as the Labour party have been boiling in a scandal of corruption, if it helps my Maltese friends, I,ll say this, both Parties have similar promises, democracy has failed to make any difference between them, it's just a name thing! People make puzzles out of simple things to confuse people, it's called trying to con people. Malta's people face a difficult choice. The people of the UK face an easy choice, vote for all.