I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Embarrassing pre life, by Stevie "new man" Haston.

Life goes by, some times you can't quite remember if you did something, or not, things are deniable, but sometimes there's proof. There's thought crime, might as well get hung for a flock of sheep rather than a single lamb, eh? I bet your life is perfect, you probably haven't left your gps at home on your 10 km run, and lost your camera, and where then asked to prove you were on a summit-you don't know what I am going on about do you? Well that's as it should be-this blog is for me to have a laugh, or should I say Laff, as in no poxy Upper received pronunciation, ta very muchly!

Who are these two guys, what are they doing, where are they?

As I am not Cameron, I luckily don't have to lie about my Hampton Wick (that's dick to you folk born out of hearing from the now defunct sound of Bow Bells) being gobbled by a dead sheeps head. However occasionally I do find some weird photos turning up which I really don't remember them being me. There's those photos where I am skinny and fit, they seem so long ago, then there's those embarrassing fell asleep at a party photos where people did home made tattoos on your private parts. Anyway as I am a week away from reaching the respectable age of 60, I herewith, and hereby claim not to have ever been me.  

just tape over it and forgot it happened!

Climbing kit not normally used at climbing walls.