I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Executioners Song Fernandez, by Stevie Haston.

Solly's grandad got executed on 18th of July 1938. He was killed, murdered call it what you will on Sollys dads birthday, who was six years old that day! Sollys dad always hated his birthday, because it reminded him obviously of his fathers murder by the Fascists. It was no coincidence that he was killed on his sons birthday, it was just another added bit of nastiness.

 Climbers bitch and moan a lot mostly about nothing.

Anyway some time ago I did a route, and called it Bernardino Fernandez, to commemorate Mr Fernandez, and it was a dare I say, it a very great route. Today Solly the grandson did it, and he was happy-so was I.

 I need a manicure.

Climbers are very shallow kinds of people for the most part nowadays, if we have any character, we hide it in the hills, and cliffs, and mountains, we don't do anything with it. Sometimes people are called on to sacrifice a bit more than a broken nail or two.

 The gear for the route, it's 4 rope lengths. 140 meters but on a engaging cliff.

We went for a swim at the bottom of the cliff, cold water concentrated the mind for the route, its fairly serious, with some dodgy rock that needs delicate handling. 

 the sea is ultramarine, its another life.

Life is very tough for some people, and very serious, that's why years ago, I decided to grab a few handfuls of paradise before I died. Hopefully I have also added to other peoples lives a bit with some lovely routes. The sacrifice that some people made years ago, and still do today is beyond me, I don't have the commitment. I am indeed a fair-weather politician.

 Solly abseiling down in a semi religious way.

The route is 5a, 5a+, 6c,6a, and it's a bit engaged, and it'
s a bit hard. I got roasted in the sun while Solly made a pigs arse out of a silk purse, on the last pitch. No complaints-there were beers on top-thanks to Alex and Dustin.

 Solly on the 6c pitch-it might be 6b+ but is scary!

The rock in some places is like frozen salted snow. But the climbing is really wonderful, and it takes a big well shaped buttress.

 I was on this belay for a while!

One day many people will do this route, it's the best multi pitch in the Maltese Islands, with the approach by boat it's even better-a great day.

throttling it.

This is what I think of the Uk, and USA government, without the complicity of these governments, the Fascists wouldn't have got in power in Spain, and they would not have stayed in power as long. The simple story of Spain is that Franco got in, but he was let in. Germany used Spain to kill and train its budding Airforce, while Russia put in forces on the other side, does this sound all too familiar. There were also volunteer forces including the famous International Brigade I even have known a few of there grandsons. Anyway, because of the fear of the dreaded Communist Franco was allowed to get in and allowed to stay in! There is a mirror of this going on now in the East with Turkey, and Israel. But you came here I suppose to look at climbing photos, well you can look, you can ignore my words!