I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Lovely summer climbing, by Stevie shady Haston.

 the combination of wonderful rock the sea and a nice person…

Been climbing… its like the sign on the old guys fishing shop when it says "gone fishing be back at sunset or tomorrow". Anyway been climbing and free diving, seen a school of tuna, or big fish anyway as its early for Tuna, there were 24 of them, I counted them. I saw a very bid Barracuda two days running cruising along the cliffs, he looks old, you don't get old and big like him without being clever and wary.

 Antonia leading one of three routes in the day, all good but this one is best.

 Happy girl, sore toes from climbing and blisters but smiling..

Its summer time and the North Coast comes into its element,mellow to outrageous sea cliff climbing. Early morning it can be fresh with a sea breeze, some times its too humid without a wind, but its always bliss. 

 typical route 6a, a bit steep underneath…

Saw a turtle and a Barracuda today.

the big one, telephoto,she's 30 meters away.. 

Did one of my favourite routes today Hilwa ta Turk, its 6b+ and about 35 meters of climbing up an out of this world wall, looks crazy hard and is mostly on big holds, everything is sculptured sandstone and you finish on a few layback holds on a huge block.

"Stevie you said it was 5+ after the crux, it felt much harder", "em I lied", well what can I say, there is such a thing as too much information, 5 star route.

See you soon, my friend your stronger, bolder… and your enjoyment of rock makes mine more.