I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 12 May 2017

60 and feeling frisky, by Stevie over the hill Haston.

 Dwarf Iris, tiny little things the height of my thumb.

Good wishes to every one, not exactly to all people but you might take my meaning. Hope the bad become good and the good give some of their goodness to others.

 Going for a swim under these big blocks.


 at one end of this block we saw two or three bolts, this route fell into the sea!

 Big old me, 60!

 How to burst a wet suit!

 Large fish trap!
Locally made, I week x 3 people.

With Manuel who made this trap, its very skill full job, my Grand dad used to make baskets and curtains but he couldn't make this.

Anyway just a big thank you to the people who read my blog, family, and friends, co workers, climbing buddies and even people I cross swords with. Be good, and if you are a crooked politician resign please!