I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Calling a Pot, a Black Kitchen Utensil, by Stevie the immigrant Haston.

 The view from my Washington Post Office.

It's the year of climbing, I expect to see less British due to Brexit, I expect to see more Americans, and lots of Germans, Italians and other Europeans. Hopefully they will be lovely people. I picked up some litter that the last lot dropped accidentally, or threw away on purpose, they can have their rubbish back if they want.

 The view changes like the weather and who pays me to change my sunglasses.

I noticed a few mistakes in our guide book, not terribly big ones, but please believe me I didn't put them there on purpose, they weren't Fake news or factoids. One of the mistakes concerns the length of a few routes, please believe me I wouldn't get these wrong on purpose!  Just add a few feet or meters on to things for flavour and safety, so you don't get into trouble. Please take everything with a bit of salt except the growing, incredibly worrying politics that are smothering the planet. Perhaps I am wrong, but I thought we were heading in the right direction, loving our brothers and sisters of different mothers.

 What would I do with a good camera and the eyes to see.

An Arch bishop, or Cardinal some where in a huge American city, has said that divorced people should abstain from sex, and so should Homosexuals (or Gay people I forget the latest name) is this man in a dress, who wears a funny hat worth listening too, or can we call him a TWASSOCK. Does the Pope call him names when he looks at his Face Book, or de Friend him?

My favourite route of the moment Bernardino Fernandez.

I have been to the House of Parliament in the UK when I was a young student, and saw first hand what a bunch of lazy idiots they were, nothing much seems to have changed, except now we don't know who the good guys and girls are, because we are not allowed to use harsh words to identify them. I want to know who my enemies are, I want them to know who I am. 

I get all sorts of visitors, some don't agree with me on everything. This little fellow was chased away by some thugs in different plumage.

It's windy here, but it's not the wind of change, it's more like gas from over eating.  The Red Cross are having to help out with the NHS in the UK, because certain rich people want it underfunded, and then sold to themselves and their own interests. If you have anything to do with this, please do not come and be seen by me. Please do not support the distruction of the NHS. 2017 will be a crucial year for many things, I intend to waste less words, and time-thats not a new years resolution, thats a promise.