I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Good bye America, by Stevie sad Haston.

My FB feed is full of upset friends, worried friends from America. They are worried about the future like at no other time! Well I aint got anything to say except BOAKYAG, or start protesting. This new regime (I won't call him a President as that's too flattering) is after your remaining OIL, Gass, and Fraking areas, and Coal, and a lot of this is in Federal Lands, a lot of it will be in areas we climb. Protest if these areas are important to you. Politics do matter.

The World and societies are going to have to have a little reshuffle to get rid of the Fascist fever that is making politics sick. But in my group of friends their love of important, and beautiful places should unite them.

 Red sky at night politics are bright!

Get out don't be depressed, spend your money on climbing, skiing …. 

 Train hard, read a few history books, read some books on the politics, read…don't just watch CNN.

Train your body train your mind.

 Spring is here, in Gozo, theres a huge wind storm from the south sand and warmth from Africa.

The sadness from America is only equaled by the turmoil in the UK. Brexit that most foul racist, and xenophobic doctrine of inward thinking is destroying the UK, Scotland will find it hard to hang on to the UK, as the un elected Prime-minister lies, and stumbles her way through a mess of selfishness.

 What ever you do, don't jump!

America has 25% of the worlds prison population, more than 2.3 million in jail, if simple things like that  are not faced, you will never have a fair country. For sure that population will now go up. America will make it harder to protest, it has taken a remarkable acceleration upwards since the 1990. You didn't need Trump for this!

the next buttress on my list, it looks a bit tough, need lots of bolts! Its gonna be called death of the American Dream.

I have seen a lot of Americans here in the last month and truly Americans are the least political people, but recently they seem to have awoken from a dream. The American Dream.