I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Death of American Democracy, by Stevie Haston.

Are they telling you in America, that the States just slipped into the category Flawed Democracy? 

I'll just make it simple for you, like a contest, people love contests. America scores 7.93 versus Malta 8.39 on a score sheet that compares 600 different criteria into a democratic point score chart.  Lets put the UK in there at 8.36, still below the tiny republic of Malta, but it's us Maltese by a short fat head, we have short fat heads, not empty ones - a racial characteristic .

 the perfection of a good climb….indeed a work of art and great happiness.

Norway is still at the top with 9.93, with the other Scandinavian countries just a little behind!
The cut off mark is a score of under 8, so your " easy over" democratic eggs, have just slipped off your Teflon coated Taco. 

 Happy, content, the dog is thinking this is wrong he is my bitch/ pillow/thing….

I am going to Germany next week, I hope to be part of the great human climbing tribe with people coming from America, Norway, UK, Iran, Japan, Turkey etc you get the picture. Will there be anybody from Saudi Arabia, who is allied with America and the UK? Saudi scores just 1.93 on the International Democracy score! That score is almost the same as North Korea, who we always seem to demonise! 

 thorns like barbed wire, trundled broken rocks, general every day house work.

It's a shame you can't tidy up a country like you can a route! How did Mike Pence become the Vice President of America? His attitude to Abortion, and rape, seem almost Saudi Arabian. He even suggests that women might get pregnant  from rape, just to get a few days off work, as well as an abortion.

peek thru the window and you sometimes see the sea, sometimes oranges this time of year.

There is a window into the past, it's opening right now, today seems to be 1933 Germany. It is probably not the time to pull the curtains, and shut the scary stuff  out by not talking politics. Shutting the curtains will not stop Kristallnacht. Kristallnacht is a lovely route of mine on crystal- its a happy sharp bright thing, the other Kristallnacht is something most Americans wouldn't be able to tell you about, their education is too poor. Kristallnacht is a dark, cruel, painful thing. We don't want more Kristallnachts.
 You can check these numbers in the Spectator I think. Have a look, before they get even worse!