I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 5 January 2017

New Year New routes, by Stevie born again Haston.

 Looking towards Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark one of the best three pitch routes on the island- not in the guide book!

I have done a couple of new routes this year and started the long process of equipping another. Thanks are due to the following amoung others. Elaine Azzopardi, Solly Fernandez, Nick Biven, and two French girls and one English, thank you. The latter three I had the pleasure of teaching how to abseil, remember don't screw up! 

 found this on a free dive the other day-anybody know what it is?

Is this Opalite. Not that good with much but would love to climb on an artificial cliff of this.

 Sardinian warbler, robbing the compost!

The island has a lot of birds on it at the moment, including a small flock of swans, the police are kindly guarding them from too much attention.

 same, same.

The island has more climbers than ever and I feel guilty that the guide book is not up to date, theres more than a hundred new routes, and I see how the old guide can be improved. I won't do a new one until there is 50 to a hundred more routes and I open three more cliffs. Plus guys and girls learn how to abseil/ rappel so you can explore some of the good sea cliffs. And carry prussic knots or mechanical ascenders!

guide books, Croatian has many thousands of routes and is off the radar, Gozo is on the radar but route progress is slow.

The world is big, we are small, our lives are short, hope does not spring eternal. Get a few nice things done before ye gogo as Wham famously and so crassly sung.