I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 20 May 2016

The core of climbing, by Stevie the worm Haston.

A Mono fin, probably one of the most useful but least accessible core training tools.

The period of repose after my little success on my last project Bernd, is really at an end. I milked this rest, I have used it to recoup, carb up and drink. Its been great, I can't lie, just doing lovely routes under 8a feels like slugging around in a feather bed. Before I start spouting on, think fingers, before fingers a bit of a brain to place yourself, and not be so scared you fill your trousers with poo. There is a roll call of honour, but for me the it's more a lottery especially as I still like different kinds of climbing. I have to say, even if my trumpet might explode, that I do have a couple of trump cards. I have very high flexibility, and my brain apparatus knows much of what is necessary. I have a couple of areas that go up and down, notably my weight which affects everything else exponentially. But if you want my weakness, it's  crimp strength, and core. Of the two core is safest to train, crimp strength is a potential an end of sport nightmare. However core goes on forever.  So enter the Mono fin, core, core, core. I am a shit free diver, and undoubtedly I will be a shit and ugly mono fin merman, but it will hopefully give me the core of a dolphin. For correct Mono finning you have to bend between the scapulas, I normally bend low down, which gives me back ache. I am hoping to shift the pain, and share the joy of a stronger more supple back.  More fun and and success. It also goes with my philosophy of controlling my breath.  Lets see, new tricks for old dogs.