I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 13 May 2016

Automatic lover, by Stevie Sadistic Haston.

In my post 58 year, now in my 59 year, or is it 60th, yep it's my 60th year-never been good at Math, or geometry, was more of an atlas peruser. So got to give a big shout out for Americans, an one solitary Maltese guy who gave me money recently. A lot of my life is haphazard, but recently I have taken the view that 10 to 20 percent of my life should be for other people. I have been on the receiving end of much benevolence, and hope to remain so, but this is the way the world turns round. You receive from your mother, because otherwise you die. I have rich friends who where wet nursed, really I have. I was looked after as a child by poor  women in my Jewish quarter of London, while my equally poor mother went to work. When I first stared to climb, did I do my own new routes, no I followed paths beaten by others. I do new routes, lots of them, many of them are good, if you want more donate to my donation button. I also pick up rubbish but only once out of two times, because the other time I just think fooooook off I cant do it.


Anyway just passed my birthday in sublimeness yesterday, and strangely looking forward to more. I don't look foreword to all the Scheisse  (shit in English)  that will come in the next year, being a working stiff, but there you go. For you guys who think you'r old you probably are, for you guys like me who want to squeeze more out of the lemon, your not, but you have to squeeze real hard, real hard. Jacque Mayol went over 100 meter depth at over 50 years old, all he did was a bit of yoga and talked to dolphins. It aint that easy ofcousre,  sometimes you have to do a bit of training, sometimes you have to do a lot of training. Today I did my training,  and was learning stuff, and found a few more nice moves, of course these little yoga moves were probably thought of more than a thousand years ago, but dumb, dumb Haston got them today. I went climbing today, and it was easy, obviously I wasn't doing desperate continuing climbing, but there was a union between my subconscious mind and my body.  It rarely happens to me because I am not a very good climber. But it does happen. It happens when I do a reasonable amount of yoga, or am exhausted at the end of the day, or a few days and my mind is switched off. The same thing happens when I swim and dive.

I just want to thank the guys who have just donated to my donation button, especially the Maltese guy who wants to remain anonymous because he does want to upset the other guys who he has also donated to!  I don't even want to not mention him! But I respect his wish. I am just going to mention a guy who has done a lot of desert climbing, who has just bought me a pair of fins, and donated some gear, and comes from Boulder Colorado, and is called Steve also. I will use the donation and try and do a few water taxi accessible routes, 4 pitches, hopefully magnificent. Thanks mates. And everybody who wished me a happy birthday thanks, I passed a good day, and was thankful for being lucky and alive, and being blessed.

 On this boulder are an 8a and a 7c, behind 30 meer routes, 20 of them.

 Ever wondered whats on your pizzas, capers! Lovely capers.

Old Maltese bus, this one is from near me. 

This next year, I will be giving specific training courses on sea cliff climbing, this is available for people   who think they need to improve their climbing in a sea cliff area, or aquatic situation with climbing. There will be breathing, yoga, climbing, and some rescue, management skills, and some sea skills, thrown in to the mix.