I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

My heart lies, by Stevie reclining Haston.

My heart lies at the bottom of the sea. My heart lies atop the mountain. My heart is sometimes broken by how much beauty there is in the world. My heart is broken by how limited most peoples lives are by poverty.

theres a few days to my birthday and I am busily doing my yoga

So yoga was not done to cool relaxing music but to Punk and Oi music.  Anti Nowhere Leagues, "So What" has gotta be one of my favourite songs, Metalica did a cover, which is very good, but you gotta see the lead singer in ANL in his leotard to really understand So WWWhat.

 the bog brush bush, a truly lovely thing.

How doing yoga in the morning sets you up for a day, is hard to understand. How listening to Punk for a couple of hours leaves me optimistic must be a mystery to even great Masters of the absurd.

 Etna watercolour. I miss Sicily but like Kyle it's a friend.

I was swimming yesterday, and the peace I get underwater is really hard for me to understand, I have only been able to meditate in the sea well.

New flippers, cooler people than me call them Fins.

Climbing is sorta on hold at the moment. We have just had a bit of luck here, one of our cliffs which we had been denied access to, it has been found to be not Private property - so if your a fan of Kerchem Black slabs it's open, OK. If you are accosted by anyone claiming it's there's, be cool. Please be polite, avoid confrontation, and have a nice day. Sat Nam.