I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Pirates and pull ups, by Stevie Haston.

 Sukhasana, easy pose, or pleasant pose. One you can do which makes everything calmer.

I would have made a great Pirate, I am not a great little Guru, Iam a just a good little climber. In the past I  have been a better than average Martial artist, but now is now, and you have to start again. Every day has to start again. Every day should start with a Sun Salutation, or four.

 Maritime novels, and swimming seem a long way from cliffs but not for me. Are you Able?

It's an often overlooked subject, is piracy, and how it made England rich, made the British Empire possible! But we will overlook the hypocrisy of the British, and look instead how strong the Abled Body Seaman was, and how bold. Climbing the rigging 30 meters above a hard deck, or a swirling ocean are not just fanciful nonsense, but the lives of ordinary men, warped and moulded, by extraordinary circumstance.

 Downward dog with opening of the hip by back extension on one side of the leg, its really good, I recommend it for climbing. Sometimes called tripod.

I was climbing yesterday in the Underworld and it was great, did a few grade  6s and two grade 7s. I felt really weak because I am, been neglecting the physical, so more training is necessary. But the good bit is I was climbing really well, my head (the worrying head) was in neutral, the Union (yoga means union) necessary for climbing was there.  

Always take time to look at flowers.

So after some yoga, a bit more yoga, a swim, and a bit more yoga, then we went home and trained. Because I wanna be climbing the rigging of a tall ship in a stiff wind and travel to far off places, I,ll train hard. Invitation au Voyage a great route name- is it 7c+ can't remember! Oceans of rock, but you have to pay the price-le Peage-you must train a bit, or a lot. It's worth it. As I was doing my own route Dead Kenedys 7a 40 meters, my feebleness came to the fore,  the route bows over in an overhanging groove of stifling stupendousness, unless you breath in a relaxed way you will surly falter. Breath is life, it's the only game we have to do, day or night, we must breath, so do it well, as Yoda said. "Breath we must do, so well do it". 

Thanks to John Canby, and my cousin Paul Samut for donating to me, and climbing.