I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Confessions of an exercise junky, Stevie Haston.

Arch the lower back, and sit,  a pad or training shoes help!

Exercise and practising stuff have been proven to work, so why do only a few people do them? I guess because people are just plain lazy. Thats all you need saying to yourself, I am a lazy no good flabby Twasok, and you might do something spontaneously.
I did a bit of yoga, then felt lazy, so eat a bun flavoured with aniseed, the dog begged some then he begged to go out by bringing his lead. So we went for a run, he really liked it, he is an Italian greyhound after all. He is a exercise junky, me too, but only sometimes. The run was terrible for me, all I do is climb and swim, running is strange to me. You got to practise your practise!

Pirates were strong, but their morals were a bit  lax.

My father was a seaman and couldn't swim, can you believe that. My grandad and his brother were seamen and they could swim like turbo powered Tuna. Grandads brother got blown up by a German mine in the Thames, which just shows you, proper preparation for immersion doesn't help if your blown up first! I believe in being a bit prepared for things, but how do you prepare your self for super tecky smearing grooves? Back flexibility, torsion, shoulder mobility, Tech skills and Tech drills?

The dagger in the photo is the only object I have from my father, it's precious to me. It's a German submariners dress dagger. A very important memory of mine is when my father brought around a German Merchant man to have dinner with us. During the war the German man was a submarine Mariner and hunted ships with people like my father in them. And there they were fast friends having beers and being jolly together! The German guy couldn't swim either, and that why I am over prepared, thats why I have a mortal fear of everything, thats why I do weird squats and Hindu push ups. But being blown up, how exactly do you prepare for that? Better to make love, not war, eh?