I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Fun and Success, by Stevie Sated Haston.

It's a pleasant day, sun is out, a bit too hot for climbing really. So I do the usual 21st Century shit like check mail, Face Book, blah, Blah, BLAH. Check the latest, weirdest shizel that they want you to believe on mainstream news, like Zirka Fever! Then you realise that the Flu your trying to shake off since Ispo trade show is really Zirka! Wow thank FFook for that, finally got a reasonable excuse to not train! Yep I am going to die!
Actually no, I trained, yes I know I am boring.

Climb Magazine's photo.

stevie  as appearing in the next issue of Climb Magazine.  
This is in the excellent Liberty Mountain Catalogue, USA.

Some of you may know I used to spend my time running around the world trying to get press, and photos, and razzmatazz. Well I had a bit of publicity  recently which is gratifying in a small way. Nowadays I don't really want to run around the world like a Blue Arsed Fly, or indeed a Zirka mosquito, I just want to train a bit, and climb a bit. Still when you get to travel you meet the odd person who is doing great stuff, like the Russians who dominate the Ice Climbing World cup. No one wants to talk about them for some bizarre reason. At Ispo I had two very pleasant visitors I failed to mention last time. The first one was Mick Fowler.  Mick a fellow Londoner, and former gritstone godette, is now still notching up his yearly ascent of some medium iconic mountain in the Himalayas. He was complimenting me on my climbing prowess, and bemoaning his own decline. I cheekily reminded him he was in decline from about 1977 or so - others may correct me here. Mick did one of the first E6s on grit with the first free ascent of Linden on Curbur edge!

Gozo Fireman and rescue dressing up a special needs young man!

Another visiter who came to see me was Pete Whitaker, one of the talented Wide Boys climbers who climbed my Century Crack in Utah! I say "my Century Crack", when I of course failed on it! I had a very pleasant chat with this very talented young climber who climbed E9 at a very early age, belayed by his Mum! Anyway you visitors keep coming I will be at the summer show, and am looking forward to having my work interrupted. Thanks as always to these great people who motivate me.