I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 26 February 2016

Dead these last few days, by Stevie Haston

 Scott Cosgrove (USA),  Brian Cropper (UK), and Steve Edwards (USA) all died in the last couple of days. If you were lucky enough to have met one of them you are indeed lucky. Or if you climbed with them, or if you did anything with them. Some people who read these inadequate words will have known them all. Our community is very much poorer with their leaving.

Through the miracle, or the curse of the internet I was talking to Scott, only a few hours later to be shocked at his demise.

 A scant few hours later the news of  Brian Cropper, a man as Steve Bancroft said was ridiculously kind to us young whippersnappers in the 1970s.

And this morning Steve Edwards, a man who motivated me to stay in the saddle. If I said the cliffs still hear your feet, and feel your fingers, forgive me for being flowery. If I said the road will remember your wheels Steve, forgive me.  Mr Cropper thanks for buying me drinks, and for buying all the other penniless young lads drinks.  See ya on the other side.