I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 19 February 2016

Lazy Malta days, by Stevie Solid Haston.

 bridging the gap, Monsieur Solide.

Its been anything but lazy here in Gozo, but on a recent trip to Malta, I understood that we are relaxed and layed back. Malta is frenetic, hectic, and has terrible traffic.

 Early morning in the capital, nice and tranquil.

Valetta the capital of Malta is extraordinary, it is a World Heritage site, and is magic. That's very easy to forget when half of Russia is there, and all the rest of the north, on tour! In the morning it is great though, coffee and cakes in a local cafe, not one of those fecking frapacino tourist cafes, catering for pale people on a cultural mission. Oh no me old beauty, a proper fat guy behind the counter, and two fat old mates playing cards.

 Local guy, got an award for his energy and go for it attitude.

I have been cleaning paths, climbs, re doing stuff to tidy it up. All hard work. Cleaned a few big blocks off a new sector today including a dinner table sized block.

 These lovely people where picking up other peoples litter! Wow angels!

San Blas on a stormy day.

I have found another large underground slot, which is interesting and have joined it up into a really nice circuit, it is a kind of parcour I guess, a country parcour. It requires lots of balance, and spatial awareness and it is fine tuning me. Odd to find out theres lots of ways to fine tune your balance and make you climb better-well not really. I haven't done Martial Arts for a while, that was always good for my timing and balance, might give that my yearly bash again. I feel the need to bleed! 
Titanium bolts coming soon!