I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 22 February 2016

Being Pathetic, by Stevie Pathetic Haston

 Local breed of dog, decended from Egyptian hunting dog.

Pull ups did not go well! I thought it was gonna go badly, but it went worse. These little things are sent to try us! Being Pathetic comes easy to some of us. I managed 700 and a few pull ups, I want to get fit for my birthday, which is coming up soon. Age cannot be defeated, but prescribed levals of fitness should be exceeded. Much of what we learnt about health, age, sport, politics, is how can I put, this "a crock of shizzle".

 following a narrow rift passage underground.

 A new buttress recently cleaned and waiting for titanium bolts
 Pull ups on a bar for an injured finger, propping up the bar is not normally recommended in sport!

 natural salt pans, first industry of Gozo!