I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 30 January 2016

No Winter present. by Stevie Haston.

Matterhon Boulder 30 meters high.

Yesterday I went around a few cliffs to help the local rescue people, it was a nice morning but there was no winter visible!

the flowers and vegetables are confused!

Being at the Ispo trade fair you get used to the common denominator of snow and ice, then sell your gear, but what if winter just does appear? As a sportsman I worry about my sport and business, but as a human being I should be worried about the planet.

this is an improvised hauling trick. You can try it, I use it, its better the backing binder is a srewgate and it needs preferably to be smaller.

The world is changing fast, very fast indeed. Even the fabric of governmental morality is not to be trusted anymore.  But what is to happen to our planet? Fish they say will disappear by 2050. Do you think the glaciers will be very big then? Do you think that the permafrost inside the big mountains will keep them glued in shape, or do you think there will be more collapse to iconic mountains like the Dru?

A perfect Cap by a perfect Barrista.

This lovely man lives in Sweden, but is Italian. Have you noticed that cross border pollination is going on? Iam not a nationalist, far from it, but all this moving, setting up of new homes, finding new work isn't it a waste of money, and resources? Cant we stay in one place anymore. 

the classic.

Of course coffee is one of the financial commodities of the world! Perhaps I should try to give it up! I might, but I won't give up climbing! Life without climbing isn't life!