I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 8 January 2016

Wash once a year, by Stevie squeaky Clean Haston.

 not calm at the moment but still wet!

It's hot, but not super hot, but it is still too hot on hard routes in the sun! 
Water is still bearable. 
Routes are still defeating me. I think I need to train, there's nothing wrong with my climbing, but I'am too weak. "Physician heal thy self", Ok then back to the finger board, and the dreaded weight belt. Got work anyway. And the winter storms are a bit splashy on the exciting cliffs.

 Bath time.

So has everybody kept their New years resolutions? I have discovered that it is hard to give up animal milk in coffee (always new this), the second more important discovery, is that rum is the best substitute for milk!

 I do like my island.

Bees are flying around, and it is spring! There are daffodils still, but only in the places that don't get any sun.

 My briefcase.

Today was lovely, revisiting some old routes, mainly slabs, not in the guide book I'am afraid, some on crystal, aragonite, and more common calcite.

lots of corners and slabs. Foot work, and precise movement.

8th of Jan 2016, time is already ticking away for this year, still got my bath out of the way, a tiny bit of work, and the decks will be cleared for TRAINING. Completely fed up being rubbish. Will have a coffee with vegan rum in it to cheer my self up.