I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Winter show ISPO, by Stevie Dipso Haston.

Lorenzo searching for the light.

 Just got back from the Winter show at Munich. Biggest show in the world, an 80 Billion dollar industry as usual saying they don't make much money. Actually some  were doing good, and some doing not as well. The modern industry mantra of ever increasing sales can't be sustained, just like with the rest of the planet!  

 the book of books, Conquistadors of the Gifted.

Was tempted to purloin this book. Never saw it in Paperback! And never saw the mans signature. 

 zee stand up.

zee stand down. Just chilling reading about the Conqusitador of  Bottled dreams!

Saw a couple of great climbers, including a certain Mr Adler from East Germany-the venerable second ascentionist  of the famous Wolfgang route, Action Direct. Its funny to remember the hatchet job Grimpeur magazeeeen did on him, dismissing him etc. All one has to do is look at Adlers fingers to realise he could have climbed something much harder than Action. His fingers were alien, they made mine look like a Maltese catamites!

Anyway now back in sunny Gozo, sick as a dog with the Flooogang sickness and will be back on the Conquistadors trail soon as possible.