I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 2 June 2014

I want to be bigger, by Stevie small Haston

I wanna be bigger, bigger than the fame,
Bigger than the lights, bigger than the money
Out on the stage
I wanna be bigger, bigger than it all,
Bigger than the glory, so I could never fall,
Bigger than the sky, bigger than the clouds,
We never coming down.

Read these words by Steven Cooper, and if you don't understand them, just enjoy them. Akon did a great song with them and you might like that also. Me, I got up and played with a dog, cos he wants to be bigger also,  he bit me, and attacked me, then I went and kicked the long bag listening to the song. The dog bit the bag a bit, to keep me company.

I always wanted to be bigger, cos I was a small, squinty eyed ugly lonely boy with weird habits. And did I tell you I stuttered, no, well thats why I labour a point sometimes I think, cos I know people have stopped listening to the stuttering boy. Anyway lots of my mates are dead, never had many, maybe they did the right thing who knows. They wanted to be bigger, and alotta them were, maybe not bigger than the fame or the money, but they  were bigger, Bigger.

Here is a final link to Melvin Manhoef with part of it played over by the song, I wanna be Bigger, don't watch this if your squeamish, or don't like fighting, or maybe you should. This vid might make you train really hard or puke up some of your liberal misconceptions, 3 mins will do.   Climbing is entertainment just like fighting in a ring, except the most violent of the two is not the kick boxing, it's the climbing, none of my friends died in the ring! 

"Apollo who", was a great line from a great film, when is climbing gonna have a film like that, and where is our song, Bigger?