I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Time to train. by Stevie the slob Haston.

Pinch an inch, you can loose ten pounds! That was an old one when I was young, they didn't need fat callipers, or need to charge you 60 baloons, they just told you the truth. Any way its closer to 14 lbs I can loose, and loose it I will! While I'am loosing it I'll use it as a weight belt. 

Here's two of my weight belts, they are a bit heavy for me, after doing a bit of gardening and a bit of wood sawing could only do a few sets! I ran out of chalk and was looking in different chalk bags, when I felt a weird kinnda chalk ball thing at the bottom of one, took it out and it was  a natural chalk ball , a dead rodent, without a head. Thanks cats. At the cliff I can do 8a, which is very disappointing, but finger strength is not too bad, power and stamina are really low, flexibility is high and reflexes very fast, whats in store this year? Training is what's in store! It's the same as it ever was!