I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Kefir is king, by Stevie Haston

It's summer again and some peoples allergies are hitting the roof, so why not try water based Kefir? Some of you might be lucky enough to know milk based Kefir which has a fantastic history, going back to the Caucasus mountains, where it was stolen from a Muslim prince by a swindling Russian government agent, a beautiful seductress...... just google the story its brill, and should be a film.
Anyway my pollen allergy has been very much reduced by water based Kefir. The above jug is lemon and ginger flavoured and is a very good substitute for commercial sodas, and as it's not milk based, but water based Vegans might appreciate it. Kefir, for unbelievers, aids the gut in getting rid of toxins, and thus so the reasoning goes, helps your immune system, tackle other things, in my case the evil pollen!   

Above is Nigelle de Damas, a weed that grows in many places in southern Europe, its seeds are called black cumin and is eaten as a spice with apparently good effects. It was used as a cream in Egyptian times, and might be another of those great helpers. Anyway there are loads in the garden, and was brought back to this part of France by the crusaders if not before.

This is the weird Kefir granules, or should I say magic granules! It's defo worth trying, don't take too much,  a small mouthful to begin with, until your gut gets used to it. It's very good for runners, but I am drinking it very much as a substitute for water at the moment and I hate giving money too commercial soda makers and clogging the world up with plastic or aluminium.

If your interested, google it all up and try, oh and don't use a metal spoon it kills the culture. Good luck with it, More fun and sucess.