I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Planing the Plan, by Stevie Haston.

The plan has to be resurrected, because I have fallen victim to weakness and sloth! Cant believe I am climbing well when I couldn't  fight my way out of a paper bag!

'The best layed plans of man', etc, and etc. Bet we don't want the etc do we, we want the plan man. The plan has always been the same for me it's to have more fun and success.  More fun isn't necessarily more Armagnac, just a taste will do. Photo is for Kyle the Russian.  

More fun and success at the moment means, learning more about yoga and its applications to my life. And, dear grasshopper what is life, is it a pursuit of climbing nice rocks and pointy summits? Who knows, I am still on the journey, and the journey requires a vehicle, and the journey requires fuel. 

So my vehicle needs sorting, and it needs fuel, so I need money! Well, well, well zee unsolvable money, thingy, conundrum, knot problem.  

The tight knot that couldn't be undone was solved by an impatient Alexander. But the fuel for the vehicle thing won't be solved so easy. So I hope someone is listening.

The plan is strong fingers, followed by a very strong body, powered by a calm and effective mind, that drives the efficient vehicle, which has at least some fuel, to transport me to more fun and success.  But please, please don't ask what more fun and success is.