I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Monday, 16 December 2013

Sea, rock and ice, by Stevie Haston

Me, I am a traveling man, looking for money, looking for geld, dinaro, dollars. I am not a bread head, but I need to eat. The mission is therefore; earn some money. Photo above is a new cliff on Malta developed by Ken, Ramon and Jeff, they took me there so I could fall off there routes! I was drunk as a skunk, it was a fix! Great cliff, well done boys.   

Jeff not trusting me on the lower, the foaming broth looks hungry for man flesh! The weather was a bit up and down, so was my ability, but some good routes where bolted if not sorted.

Most people have a shelve of books, I want a shelf of rocks, this was a couple of football pitches of different rocks of all colors, the sky was pale blue, early morning, -7°, far from the sea.

So ice the final frontier! It's back, it's cold and it is mean. There's ice every where, some new routes have been done in the USA already, the Alps is full of it, will I ever do any? Just seen some great new axes ………Que sera, sera...