I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Last big supper, by Stevie stuffed Haston.

 We were 16 at lunch, and some of us had come a wee ways, an extended family, just part of a really big one, and of course the family really should extend all around the world, arnt we all the same family? 

 The Kids table was now after all these years full of young people, three of whom went to school in different countries and all of them had stories to tell us.
 To come to the dinner we had drove past a few good cliffs, a hard thing to do! And the attractions of towns and cities often miss me by a country mile, event though french towns can have charm in excess.

on the way up, we sung to songs forty years old, and a few older, we talked about driving on and collecting all the good folks we knew, as well as the family, the tribe would increase, and when we stopped we would need a big valley to stay in. Europe at the moment is changing, people are much more on the move than they used to be, its in a flux and people are struggling with coming to terms with this new way of doing and living, I hope its a bright future. Its just short of a hundred years since world war one, when my grandfather got his leg shot off in a Flanders field. If he'd been a bit shorter, or the damage a bit higher, I wouldn't be around, peace and good will to all.