I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Questions, no answers, by Stevie blank Haston

Lots of people want me to go ice climbing, but they won't pay. Will I go ice climbing again, no probably not!

Can I climb Century Crack? Probably not! But never say never, eh. Might go to the States in the spring, due to the generosity of my big Bro. I said I'd never go back to the States, but I want to see my mates and the desert, Never say Never, again. 

The love of my life, mountain riding, will I ever do big hills in big snow again? Nanga Parbat has three teams trying it this winter, if I was there I'd have a board, even if I didn't have much chance!  

Merry Xmass to snow and ice loons, its coming early. A big wow to Muriel Sarkany for doing Punt X, question is this really the first 9a done by a woman? Were all the others easier? Looks like it!