I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 26 December 2013

2014 is coming, by stevie spring chicken Haston.

It's sneigeing, or snizzeling, horrible, cold damp, blowing a houlie kind of weather. The cats are in, pretending to get along. My thougths are about next year, I want it to be good, na man I want it to be crome nical, 24 carot nirvanna in a sandwich.

Gotta get out, partners  sick, will have to coerse someone on flooking boxing day, is it possible, everybody hates me anyway, they are defo not gonna come out to be whacked by freezing rock. Warm up on my finger board just incase a fool picks the phone up.

As I warm up on the board, dreams of great routes seep back into the frontal cortex, then they flood back. Some good routes in 2013.

Did my yoga this morning, almost felt at peace and joyful, gotta do more in '14, letting it slip was a mistake.

Need to make time for the real things, need to chance my arm and grab the thistle with the other. Need to see more dawns, sunsets, and I feel like a trip to a big mountain, to pay homage to something gigantic.

Need to open some routes for everybody, so they can get out of themeselves. 2014, some resolutions coming, the winter solstice is good, and then come the new year resolutions.