I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Mont Blanc Crack, by Stevie cracking Haston

Here's a little review of Mont Blanc super cracks by Camurri and Bassanini, its ace, buy it.
Very good topos, descriptions and gear recommendations. Chamonix is in my opinion a better destination for climbing than Yosemite, but I am not going to argue the point. When the Dru was in one piece it was clear, anyway go enjoy some crack! 

This is one of my routes in Cham, Sans Liberté, grade unknown, possibly 8b+, no second ascent. Its not in the guide book, as are some excellent routes like the 8a on  Portalet, which has only had a handful  of ascents. There are some notable exceptions in this excellent guide but the guide would be huge if they had everything so this is a select guide.

Heres a couple od photos to get you hungry, the place is so good it makes me sad to think I am not there. I spent years there and climbed nearly every route in this book, so I can recommend the book and the place. 

This is the hitch hiking spot, for getting back into france. I remember it so well. 

Grepon,  Blaitiere and Plan, with a bit of snow, looking cold but beau, out of condition! 

Mauvais temps, finish your route, abb off and get in the pub!