I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Pagan festivities 2U, by Stevie Woden Haston.

It's been not unreasonable, dry rock if a bit cold, done some rock, done some walking, done a bit of multi pitch, love rock after all these years.  

This is a 35 meter pitch of special magnificance, mean at the end, its 7a+ or so regularly kicks people in the nuts just befor they clip the chains and they take a big plunge, especialy if they were too pumped to clip the last draw. I hope you all do it one day. At the top you rest in a hole and look down into a small rock chamber where a holy hermit used to live.  

With the winter solstice gone and celebrated, we can tuck into the western ones of excess, or not.

I haven't drunk any beer for a while, but you go and have some for me. The one above is an anti GMO beer, and the money goes back to their protest, it was good, and their protest is good, so kill two birds with one Stein, protest and drink!