I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Vision Quest by Stevie Haston

The 11 years old on the right Ashima, did 8c+, hard route, the old geezzer on the left needs to pull his vision fingers out. It was published in Klettern, the writing means you have no excuses...
Vision Quest is a film, is a great route, is an Indian right of passage, and I have been on one all my life. Lots of people are on Vision Quests, you dont have to have feathers in your hair, or take wierd mushrooms, you could be a huge guy who wants to break the deadlift record, or a tiny girl who wants to fly up rocks. Its been an incredible couple of weeks because I have been up down an all around the mental house because of the weather and living in a limited world of ordinary people who have totaly limited outlooks and negative vibes, but what has pulled me up out of the mire are a Japanese girl doing a boulder problem of a very hard standard, a Japanese descent girl doing an 8c+, but wait for it she is 11! Of course the ever reliable Ondra has kicked in with an 9a flash, this has excited a few people but it was coming and of course what the boy wants and might get for an Xmass present is an 'onsight', he will have to be lucky but you know people on Vision Quests sometimes are.
Bridger Jack, fine collection of towers and routes, home to the amazing route "Vision Quest".

Vision Quest the route is at Bridger Jack Towers , Indian Creek USA, and is both beau and a bit tough, it is a must do, its a wide crack so people dont try, Vision Quests are about trying, not talking. Vision Quest is very preety, I can see it's peculiar angularity, its different shades of browns, reds, fear, and perturbation. I can see the 40 degree heat, I can see the cool shade, I can see the snakes in your mind, I can see His Crazy Horse invincible to metal objects, and a friend of Lightning. What a place, please beam me back, now.
Vision Quest the film is a coming of age film that is worth your time watching especially if it is raining or winter is getting you dark and down, especially if you are not riding the lightning of youthful exuberance and are thinking old thoughts. Be forever young. Madonna is in it, playing some music in a bar, bet she didn't know she was going to contribute to the great routes library, especially wide cracks, there you go, if you want to get some extra help to train watch this movie. Here's the link.
If you think you are strong you can do a route on each tower at Bridger Jack, I seem to remember trying some stuff there that hasnt been done until.... tomorrow.
This was on top of the finger board...the Devil's coach horse.

Tomorrow is Tommorrow, right! Am I mistaken.
And that team on El Cap doing Muir, a girl, two young men, invinsible stone, made vincible by vision and flow. A very nice couple weeks, thank you all.