I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 16 November 2012

9a, Obama, Climate change, by Stevie disgruntled Haston

What is a 9a. You don’t know do you? Has the Climate changed? I know. Did Obama deserve the  Nobel Peace prize, well clearly not. Have these things got anything in common? Actually more than you think.  And for me they are all linked in an intricate, strong, but brittle way. It’s called information.
9a is not what you think, and has been devalued by the climbing press, by massive inflation, and miss-reporting they don’t care, they are just a business that earns money.
American politics is business. Obama was given the Peace prize for what? It can’t have been for peace, America is still at War in a few countries. Just open your eyes and  read, stop surfing for women’s breasts, climbing titillation, and puerile distraction.
We are all sold stuff that is overpriced, or just junk. There wont be a pristine white  K2 any more, there will be a dry pile of rocks which some one will be sizing up to make nylon ropes out of.
When I open a web site concerned with climbing, do I see anything to do with Climate change? The climate was a boulder perched precariously on the edge of a huge mountain, and we knocked it off, now that it has started rolling can you imagine the trouble we are going to have to even slow it down. Tomorrow that boulder will be hurtling faster, and it will knock other little rocks which will join in destructive avalanche. In 5O years hopefully I will be dead, but the planet will be roughly 6° centigrade warmer, that’s hot as hell. Great ice climbs will be extinct, Skiing won’t exist, the Himalayas will just have there tips covered in frost in summer. A few years ago in Pakistan it was 30° at 6000 meters, and the snowfields were almost like treacle, slowly moving.
I swim in the sea, the temperature is going up! The acidity of the Mediterranean sea is also going up! The ability of sea water to contain minerals in suspension which creates shells and other living structures is in danger. The amount of plastic in the sea is gross.  Islands of plastic,  way bigger than Gozo float around seas, made up of plastic bottles, condoms, plastic bags, etc.  We hunt tuna with planes and then send massive boats to catch these fish, the fishermen are armed because its very, very big business. We then farm tuna. We feed Tuna cheap food to increase their weight , at the right time we then fly the carcass to some rich men’s tables, Japan or America. Then a climber eats it. Bon appetite.

Some climbers know more about climate change than any one, they live it first hand. They don’t speak up cos its bad for business. Old garbage dumps, toilets, dead bodies they are all being exhumed by climate change. Glaciers are disappearing, open your eyes. The pollution in the Chamonix valley is off the health scale, it is out side what should be allowed, this valley one of the most beautiful in the world is being killed by climbers, mountaineers, skiers, and the  general business of mountains. Happy climbs.

My ability to change the world for the good is low, my ability to change the world for the bad is great.  I would like it to be the other way around.