I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Friday, 30 November 2012

Climbing in Gozo, by Stevie Haston

Peter enjoying some crimps...

Left  France in the snow, arrived in the sun, all of Northen Europe was under water or snow....So I went fro a swim and felt smug, why not! 

Next day two swiss guys contacted me and we went climbing, great lads, competent and good fun. They enjoyed my cliffs and my climbs. Best climbing on the Islands they said and they were miiiiine, I felt good about their compliment and glad I did the work. I did screw up a bit, put them on what I called a hard 7 which was about 8b, little joke you understand, well they thought it was funny! Anyway that was Peter a mountain guide and Michel zee gardener. Took them to the UnderWolrd, twenty foot wave but still good, a bit bit scary but good.
Michel zee swiss gardener....

Malta and Gozo are looking good all green and lots of flowers, Narcissus are out and dotting the cliffs, they is also a carnivorous flower which is pretty too. There has been a big storm but three of my cliffs are sheltered and the temperature is good so might try some of the harder ones...I have a few 8a and above to red-point which is good but I feel low and having some hand and finger problems, we will see. 

I wake up early before the sun and do an hour or two sometimes of Yoga. I did so much stretching one day that I had some leg shake climbing for the first time in a thousand years, felt ashamed.

Put my Matrix finger board up, and ready to go looking forward to seeing what 100 weeks will do, the last training seemed to have gone perfectly and I peaked just right and got a good route, maybe that's why I'm a bit down. Hope to get a little more finger strength going and it will look good.

Went on a fingers nightmare like a Cimia horror and was feeling solid on the crimps, still they are not done till the fat lady rolls over and dies, cheery oh from the  Bozo from Gozo