I'm a woman

I'm a woman
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Colorado legalizes Marijuana, by Stevie Haston.

Four criminals...
Colorado just did what every other state in America should do, they legalised MaryJane. I dont smoke but lots of my friends around the world do, they shouldn't be called criminals for giggling and being nicer and less violent than the rest of humanity. Colorado will now save lots of money in not processing a load of peaceful non violent, floppy limbed, very layed back people, who's only crime is saying wow too much. Colorado has some of the best climbing in America and is probably the most athletic state, but now it has another reason to be proud, it's actually sensible. Just thought I'd post this because I have been in Malta  recently where if you are a foregner you can get 10 years for possession, and a slap on the wrist if you are local. Countries also legalize pot then ban it, which is a clear indication that they are just after votes most of the time. Some cigarettes have up to 14 different poisons that the FDA dont allow in foods, but of course the state or country normally taxes you for your addiction, so you are double cooked. 
Any way lads, lasses, old and young in Colorado, spark a big fatty up for me, and pray that Obama has the courage to actually do something meaningful about Global warming, and other important issues, and us lot in Europe too for that matter. I think I'll light a Joss stick and join you.   
Due to being decaffeinated I missed the fact that Washington state has legalized the dreaded weed too, good on you Washington. Another fact, does California still have that weird law 'three strikes and your out' policy? Surely that was the most mean thing, or is it the fact that the death penalty is still there in the 'most civilized country in the world'. Obviously now had  a triple cap. Are there still 2 million people in jail in the states? What percentage of the 2 million are just pot  smokers or party revelers, and debtors. They should defo delegalize triple caps, its ruined my mellow feeling. 
Anyway Colorado and Washington well done, a very good start.