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I'm a woman
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Monday, 19 November 2012

Climbing clothes poison! By Stevie slowly dying Haston

Thumb up for poison or thumb down for poison
The Outdoor industry are for the most part the same as other businesses and industries, they don't tell you the truth and are after your money.  So taking a leaf out of my own Blog I want to share with you a bit of troubling information. This information concerns rainwear and windproof garments. Are they poisonous? I don't know how correct this information is but it was sorted out by Greenpeace so potentially it is very accurate. You can make your own mind up, but as you aren't privy to any kind of meaningful test on humans perhaps your fashion prejudices will guide your decision.
I work in the Industry and am always told to keep my mouth shut-I generally do.
So 14 jackets were tested and found to have harmful poisons in them that when washed go into water and then they go where exactly?
What I don't understand is if they get into water why aren't they concerned about these poisons getting into you.   Doesn't a layer of perspiration normally build up under these supposedly breathable fabrics, and then lie on your skin? Perhaps they haven't done this particular test?

The Greenpeace report says "every piece of clothing was found to contain PFOA (which is Perfluorooctanoic Acid). With the highest concentration from Jack Wolfskin, Northface, Patagonia, Kaikkialla and Marmot." 

Marks and Spenser are following H&M's  in getting rid of this kind of poison, with a commitment to eliminating all other hazardous product by 2020. 

So is your raincoat poisonous? Answer; ' looks like it'.